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Voluntourism in Hawaii! This program is ideal for those who wish to enjoy an affordable volunteer working vacation in Hawaii!

We accept Volunteers on the basis of availability, volunteer skills, friendliness, ease to live with, work performance and their understanding and enthusiasm for the sustainable policies of Hedonisia Hawaii.

We continually adjust our program so that every Volunteer at Hedonisia has a great time, meets new friends, and leaves with a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from living, learning and working in the Hawaii Rainforest!

  1. Community Living Educational Experience: At Hedonisia we have developed policies and guidelines for small sustainable community living with independent individuals. All Volunteers learn about our model of Community Social Sustainability during their stay at Hedonisia.
  2. Partial Food Provided. We are a community of independent individuals who are responsible for their own cooking. However, you can cook with other community members in our beautiful Jungle Kitchen! Part of every Volunteer's registration fee is an Agricultural Fee which allows them to harvest for personal use all edible plants growing on the land. This fee also includes access to the Communal Food Pantry (donated food items from departing Guests and Volunteers). Be sure to ask us where the Food Gardens are. Please note the Food Gardens are only a supplement to your dietary needs (Approx 10-20%). Be sure to have enough funds for your food.
  3. Full Access to all Communal Areas: Complete outdoor kitchen, jungle shower and our famous Eco-Toilet! There is an outdoor sheltered community hang out and in the barn which is a communal space with computer, tv, dvds, books and music.
  4. Work Requirements: Only 12 hours a week, at 3 hours per day with half shifts on Aloha Monday and Friday and weekends off.

Fair-Trade Volunteer Positions

We have divided our Volunteer jobs into Body, Brain and Heart! This allows you an interesting way to choose the jobs you like or have experience with. In reality all our jobs overlap with Heart, Body and Brain! It's just that each job has a certain focus, for example we see painting a mural as creative which we call 'heart work' even though you are using your body as well.

If accepted, you will probably end up doing a variety of volunteer jobs. However, we do try to match Volunteers with the work they wish to do!

Click on the links where you will be taken to our parent website at to see the kinds of volunteer jobs you think you would like to do at Hedonisia:

Work with your


Work with your


Work with your


Hedonisia Fair-Trade Residential Volunteer Program Rates:

 Volunteer Prices
2-Week Tryout
*Additional Week
Single Person
(bed may be in dorm space)
tax included
tax included
Couple/Double Occupancy
(two people in private bed)
tax included
tax included

2-Week Volunteer Tryout Period. For many visitors who simply wish for a short stay the 2-week Tryout period is enough. However, for those who might want to stay longer, the 2-week Tryout Period allows you to check out our community and see if it's a good fit for you. As well, it offers us the opportunity to work with you and also see how you fit into a 'community of individuals'.

Please note that the Tryout Period price is for Volunteer stays up to 2 weeks. This means if you want to stay and volunteer for only 10 days then the same price applies.

*Post Tryout Period - Additional Weeks or Months: Upon approval and subject to availability, volunteers may stay longer after their initial 2-Week Tryout Period. After the tryout period the cost for each individual week is cut in half.

Departure. When you are ready to leave Hedonisia our only requirement is to give us as much notice as possible and then on your last day be sure to leave a clean bed space! Arrive with aloha, leave with aloha!

Want to know more about our volunteer program? Check out our Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions.

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